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Growing a new business unit, the Stocks subfolder case study

We identified a growth opportunity within the Stocks category of

Objective wasn’t known for its stocks section, the objective was to grow it via SEO to become a significant global player in the world of Stocks.


We started with category pruning; removed tons of less important stock pages, built a new internal links strategy, including automated links from news, added content to these new pages, and focused heavily on link building via digital PR.


Growing the /equities/ category from 3M to 15M monthly organic sessions in 14 months via technical changes, hreflang tests for discoverability, and link building.

Product-Led SEO: A programmatic SEO case study

Scalable Link Acquisition

We figured out what Financial journalists are looking for when reporting companies’ earnings, the results were beyond our expectations.


Obtain hundreds of new links from top media outlets


We’ve realized that we can use’s users’ search data, to build a real-time trending stocks tool. This is a table of data that is 100% automated, showing a list of trending stocks in real-time. From both site and app, by country.


Over 3,400 linking domains in 24 months.

Scalable Link Acquisition; 40k to 140k Referring Domains

International SEO – Scaling localized content from 1 to 33 languages.


Grow into a multilingual site.

We identified significant audience development opportunities by expanding our SEO strategy into additional languages.


Each site was not only translated. Each geo market was deeply researched based on the behavior of that country’s traffic on the main, global site.

We tailored quotes, news, analysts, charts, and language to fit each country’s culture, taste, and interests.

Result is now available in 33 country editions. 8 separate English editions, and a total of 22 languages. This approach has helped grow to over 250M monthly sessions, and becoming the largest financial markets website globally.

International SEO – taking from 1 to 33 language editions


Customer Experiences

Working with Igal is a treat! When it comes to understanding SEO inside out and how to apply it in organizations of different sizes and industries, he really is the best of the best.

Anat Sneh , Director of Digital Marketing Intelligence Solution, SimilarWeb

I’ve been working with Igal for over 8 years, and will recommend his new agency to anyone who’s looking for a genuine organic growth strategy. Igal is not just an SEO expert, he truly gets International Search, a rare mix of Technical and Marketing-oriented SEO.

Neta Geffen , Director of SEO,

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