Webify is a Fintech focused SEO Agency.

Our Strategic Approach

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Our Workflow

Normalize Search Data

Search data aggregation from multiple sources into a workable dashboard

Diagnostics and Audit

We take a tactical, in the trenches approach to execution with scalable & predictable growth

Content 3.0

Building a content strategy; Highly focused on value to users and Semantic SEO principles

Pareto Principle

We focus on the 20% of opportunities that matter the most; & make the biggest impact

Tactical Strategy

We take a tactical, in the trenches approach to execution with scalable & predictable growth


Customer Experiences

Working with Igal is a treat! When it comes to understanding SEO inside out and how to apply it in organizations of different sizes and industries, he really is the best of the best.

Anat Sneh , Director of Digital Marketing Intelligence Solution, SimilarWeb

I’ve been working with Igal for over 8 years, and will recommend his new agency to anyone who’s looking for a genuine organic growth strategy. Igal is not just an SEO expert, he truly gets International Search, a rare mix of Technical and Marketing-oriented SEO.

Neta Geffen , Director of SEO,

How to get started

Get in touch with us at [email protected]

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